Diddy & Cassie’s Former Makeup Artist Claims She Saw Singer ‘BADLY BRUISED’

Diddy & Cassie’s Former Makeup Artist Claims She Saw Singer ‘BADLY BRUISED’

Mylah Morales, who once served as Cassie’s makeup artist, recently recounted a harrowing incident where she witnessed the aftermath of an assault on Cassie by Diddy. Speaking to Extra TV, Morales detailed the traumatic experience.

Reflecting on that day, Morales admitted it was difficult to revisit the memory. “I don’t even want to go back to it because it’s triggering,” she shared. “All I [saw] was him walking into the room and saying, ‘Where the f*ck is she?’ I didn’t know what was going on.”

Morales described the immediate actions she took to help a severely injured Cassie after the brutal beating. “I called my friend, a doctor at the time, to treat her because we couldn’t bring her to the hospital,” she recalled. “We didn’t know what the hell to do at that point. Who are we going to call? I’m scared just even talking about this, but I feel like somebody has to … She was bruised. I mean, badly bruised, like knots on her head, a black eye. All I cared about was to get her to safety. And I took her into my house and kept her there for a few days.”

These new revelations have sparked significant reactions and raised serious concerns about the alleged abuse.


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