50 Cent Exclusively Reveals New Footage That Will Put Diddy Behind Bars..

50 Cent Exclusively Reveals New Footage That Will Put Diddy Behind Bars..

They know like if something crazy is going on if they send it to me I’m I’ll make sure I get out there like as far as this video.com is concerned yeah yeah and those other properties so they sent it to me really kind of felt like those photographs was not happening because of Cassie I felt like it was happening because of puffy right right oh it’s open season on Diddy and if anyone is making the most of it it’s 50 c Diddy

Has been forced into hiding following the recent string of allegations against him from Cassie’s lawsuit to close comrades blowing the whistle on his nasty business over the years it’s been a PR nightmare for the hip-hop mogul however what most people don’t know is that fif was on to Diddy before anyone even knew about the skeletons in his closet back in 2010 fif jumped on an interview and Spilled the Deets on how Diddy treated

Cassie however back then 50’s bombshell interview faded into Oblivion but now the landscape has changed Diddy no longer holds the same same position in the industry he did back then and it seems like everyone has something to say against him especially 50 who could very well become the reason for Diddy in an orange jumpsuit just what crucial evidence did fif get his hands on and is it enough to land Diddy in jail let’s find

Out puppy’s like a [ __ ] oh [ __ ] man what’ he say to describe puppy in one word is a [ __ ] fif and Diddy are sworn enemies for years fif has been dragging Diddy’s name through the mud hoping to Dethrone him when the gunit member isn’t calling diddy gay he’s taking shots at him for his wild parties however his efforts proved to be in vain until Cassie entered the picture the R&B singer sent shock waves through Diddy’s World by

Filing a lawsuit against him towards the end of 2023 from years of physical abuse to forcing her into bed with male escorts Cassie spilled the beans on everything in the most chilling detail while Cassie settled the matter outside of court with a $30 million settlement her lawsuit opened the floodgates fans started combing through Diddy socials with a fine- toothed comb putting everything under the magnifying glass suddenly that

Video of Diddy scolding Cassie while she was covered with a blanket wasn’t funny anymore what you got to say now what you got to say now ain’t got [ __ ] to say however if there was one person who wasn’t shocked it was 50 he knew about Diddy’s abuse long before anyone in fact back in 2010 fif tried pulling back the curtains on the relationship but his words were chocked up to that of a jealous rival during an interview with DJ who kid on shade

4550 sent revealed that back in the day he received some explicit pictures of Cassie on his phone shocked he rang up Diddy asking him for an explanation sent me the girl pictures like pictures of his girl like not the [ __ ] that y’all saw worse way worse wow are you kidding me y like penetration pictures and and nah come on instead did he turn the tables on Fifth questioning him on how he got his hands

On those pictures but fif didn’t know though unaware of the source a lingering intuition told fif that something was not right even I called the [ __ ] I said yo you really you [ __ ] with this girl like you really like you like her like that and he was like yeah that’s my girl I’m like all right I’mma send you something you look at it you call me back I sent him the photos the pictures and everything and the [ __ ] called back and was like yo thanks man yall really

Appreciate that where you get these [ __ ] from it dawned on him that the sender likely intended for those pictures to become public and given his rivalry with Diddy the sender thought that fif would be the best person while the interview was buried at the time of release it resurfaced once more following Cassie’s lawsuit forcing everyone to pay heed to F’s warnings given all that’s been revealed about Diddy there’s no doubt that he

Took those pictures according to Cassie’s lawsuit brother love would force her into intimate encounters with male escorts he would hire male hookers drug them and Cassie and film The encounters all the while pleasing himself in a corner the gravity of these accusations paints a deeply troubling image of Diddy’s behavior and raises serious questions about his actions and the impact on those involved Diddy most likely kept these pictures to Blackmail

Cassie it’s why Cassie stayed with Diddy for nearly a decade what’s even more shocking is that fans should have suspected something when he offered Cassie a 10-year music deal it’s most likely that Diddy Ed the deal to rope in Cassie before trapping her in a cycle of abuse you know the only thing I really ever looked at was like dang I I always looked at like what if she just came to him because she wanted to be a artist and she thought that she can sing and he

Thought that she was beautiful and instead of entertaining uh what her dreams were about in her eyes he wanted to date her and but made her his girlfriend so it’s like that’s a that’s and for anyone finding it hard to believe Cassie and 50’s words let’s focus on the fact that it’s not Diddy’s first rodeo Diddy has been pulling the same thing with countless women before Cassie following Cassie’s lawsuit Jane Doe also stepped forward accusing Diddy

Of drugging and essaying her when she was a college stud student according to court documents Diddy and Jane Doe had a common group of friends what’s more she had the opportunity of starring alongside Diddy in a few of his music videos while the relationship between the two had been professional things took a turn in January 1991 when Jane was on a holiday break in New York during her stay she reluctantly agreed to dinner with diddy at Harlem’s Wells

Restaurant now Jane wanted to wrap up the dinner and head home however Diddy had other plans he forced Jane to accompany him to his music studio in his car it was only when Jane stepped out of the car at the studio that she realized that Diddy had spiked her drink since she couldn’t walk Diddy then took her back to his place where he essayed her and videotaped the encounter following the incident Jane proceeded to not go to the hospital or

The police out of fear what’s more she didn’t have a clue about Diddy recording the encounter until devonte’s swing a member of the R&B group jodessy stopped by days later to tell her about how he and the staff at the studio had seen her sex tape upon asking how many people viewed the video swing replied everyone swing could have easily testified about the incident however much like everyone else he was reluctant to take the stand against Diddy his only fear was

Jeopardizing his music group’s deal making silence seemed like the safer option following this dark chain of events Jane Doe was hospitalized for severe depression and dropped out of college she then spent years trying to heal from the trauma that Diddy caused her before eventually leaving the music industry for good however Cassie’s lawsuit forced her to face the ghosts from her past once more for anyone thinking that Jane Doe might be trying

To milk Diddy for money given the recent controversy take a listen to what Mark Curry has to say about Diddy we used to go to the when we go to the club we used to have these bottles right and on this bottle they be they be regular Moab bottles on them bottles right there they been have something to make the girls be real real slippery and all of this kind of stuff so when you get up they be like don’t touch them bottles right there and only drink them bottles right there so

We already knew what the drill was you just don’t mess with them bottles right then all of the girls is in the club after a while they all running look opening up their mouth like little birds he’s running around just popping pills in they mou pop pill pill pill pill during the tell all interview the former Bad Boy Records artist got real about how Diddy operates behind the scenes according to Mark he would invite anyone into his room for you know what me go to

My puff Loom see what they doing and you knock on puff door he be sitting there damn there butt naked you ever just had a grown ass man answer his hotel door butt necked and they be like come on in you be like I’ll come back he compared Diddy’s situation to that of R Kelly even hinting that more women might come forward in the future well what’s interesting is that 50 pointed to something similar when Diddy settled the lawsuit with Cassie he posted a

Screenshot of the story on his Instagram with the caption LOL he paid that money real quick should have done that before the shark saw the blood in the water and here they come in 5 4 3 2 one every woman he ever put his hand on at this point there’s no doubt that Diddy has been abusing countless women over the years as the relationships I seen him go through the relationship with Kim I seen um his arrogance in the relationship I seen violent times with him in his

Relationships not just with Kim where I seen him May in all of his relationships if you ask me while only a few of them have dared to take Diddy to court a lot of them have revealed the truth in tell all interviews Gina Hugh Diddy’s ex accused the record executive of stomping on her stomach and grabbing her hair and that’s not all upon learning that Gina was pregnant with her child Diddy proceeded to pay her off to abort the baby he like stomped on my

Stomach like really hard and I like took the wind out of my breath I couldn’t even I couldn’t breathe and he kept but he kept hitting me and I was like pleading to him like can you just can you stop I can’t breathe that said while Gina managed to break free from Diddy’s influence not everyone has been as fortunate Kim Porter stands as a stark example of the repercussions that can unfold when one Ventures too close to Diddy’s orbit at the end of the day

Whoever’s around him will this is a the final notice the final note because he’ll suck the life out of him like everybody else you been around although according to autopsy reports Kim died due to complications from pneumonia however not everyone buys it Jaguar Wright sure doesn’t Kim died from pneumonia but there’s the first Coroner’s report that said that she died it was ruled a homicide and they found toxins in her body to prove that she had

Been poisoned you know that they have poisons that create heart attack and pneumonia likes that said the question is why would Diddy take out the mother of her kids well according to Gan deal Diddy’s ex-bodyguard Cassie’s story is Kim’s story during the time Kim was alive several sources revealed that Kim suffered intense abuse at Diddy’s hands however things reached a turning point when it was revealed that Porter was left with a broken nose following an

Argument with Diddy according to sources Diddy had bugged Kim’s phone and heard her talking to another man Furious he invited Kim onto a yacht in St Trope under the pretense of having a good time however sources later spilled to the Sun that by 2:00 a.m. they heard the couple arguing loudly this went on for several hours the situation got out of hand at 7:00 a.m. in the morning when they heard screaming apparently Diddy had messed up Kim’s

Nose during the argument but he couldn’t have Kim parading around with a broken nose in public so allegedly he flew in a plastic surgeon from Geneva and had Kim spend some days in a hotel until her nose healed and it was safe for her to be in public again which is close to what Cassie described in her lawsuit he broke himim oh let’s let’s say allegedly but it was told by people in her camp that he broke Kim nose on the yacht

So Cassie story is Cassie story is Kim’s story Cassie book is Kim’s book if you were on the internet back then you might remember seeing a few pictures of Kim with a bandage on her nose however all traces of these pictures have been erased from the internet now and it’s not hard to guess who was behind it unfortunately Kim never revealed the truth about her busted nose during interviews she said that she had banged her nose on the

Table but before you come for Kim remember that she was still under Diddy’s hold back then not to mention she had to think of her three kids so Kim wasn’t exactly in a position to spill the beans that said Kim did plan to blow the whistle on Diddy in a tell all book she was reportedly working on before her death however Kim’s book never got to see the light of day and fans think they know why her book could have easily ended Diddy’s career and put

Him behind bars it was Diddy’s worst nightmare which gives him a motive for murder strangely enough it’s not just the women for years there have been rumors about Diddy being on the DL and until now fans have been turning a blind eye to the allegations however Cassie’s lawsuit inspired a long list of Diddy’s victims to step forward including Columbus Short according to the actor Diddy once rang him up for a late night booty call at 2:

In the morning upon answer Diddy expressed disappointment at short not attending the BT Awards so far so good however things took a turn when Diddy randomly told short that he was at the Hilton Hotel confused short asked him who he was with when Diddy informed him that he was alone it’s then that the purpose of the call dawned on short fortunately he knew better than to entertain Diddy’s whims what’s more even Cat Williams the underrated king of

Comedy was not marked safe from Diddy’s advances during a recent interview with with Shannon sharp C revealed that like Dave Chappelle he turned down a 50 million contract as well because he wanted to protect his Integrity from someone like Diddy now I’ve had to turn down $50 million four times four times just to protect my integrity and that virgin hole I was telling you about right uh cuz P Diddy be wanting the body it and you got to

Tell him no you got to tell him no now Columbus and Cat are alive and well unfortunately most people who went up against Diddy back in the day can’t say the same thing Wendy Williams is a glaring example of what happens when you try to blow the whistle on one of the most powerful hip-hop mogul of all time brought that up Kirk burls I did an interview with him some months ago and he told a story about Wendy Williams she got fired from Hot 97 because she had a

Picture of puffy and she was saying on air that she was going to reveal the picture during the early part of her career the former broadcaster landed a job for New York City’s Hot 97 radio station in 1994 a year after Bad Boy Records was founded despite bad boy artists being big on the radio Wendy and Diddy did not get along during an episode of the radio show The Wendy Williams experience in 2009 Wendy revealed that the music mogul

Went as far as instructing members of total an all female R&B Trio to fight her when she worked at the radio station recalling the incident Wendy said I got off the air one day them total bees were downstairs and everybody upstairs at the radio station was looking down egging it on waiting for something to go down thankfully her boyfriend at the time stepped in before things hit the fan but the question remains why would Diddy go after a radio host well there are two

Theories according to one Misa Hilton Diddy’s baby mama was at the radio station with her son Justin Colmes who was only an infant at the time along with bad boy rival sh Knight apparently Diddy got wind of his son and his mortal enemy being in the same room and he wasn’t happy to make things worse the streets were talking about Wendy snapping a picture of Suge playing with Diddy’s kid and releasing it to the public so that’s when Diddy rounded up

His soldiers and decided to put an end to the situation the gangster way however according to another theory it wasn’t a picture of Justin and Suge that had Diddy all riled up apparently Wendy had landed her hands on a photo of Diddy getting intimate with another man the photo showed someone pulling down didy shorts during his vacation in Cancun now Wendy might not have been beaten up the way didd he intended but he did get her fired and if you think Wendy is making

Up a wild story for a chance in the spotlight then think again because Jean deal confirmed her story during an interview with the art of dialogue for whatever reason dude was playing with puff he went behind him and grabbed his trunks and pulled them down when he grabbed his trunk to pull him down some girls that was taking pictures they took the that picture and emailed it back to Wendy

[Music] whals with the will say she had him in a compromising position according to him Diddy did get a radio show host fired for a picture and that’s not all in another interview Jean talked about how Diddy and Ja Rule got up to some freaky business in a hotel room now at first Jean didn’t know what was was happening in the room while he stood guard outside but then J ru’s cousin came along next thing you know somebody rang the

Doorbell we had the presidential suite where we was at so I open the door and uh the dude say yo I’m here for my cousin I said who your cousin and he said uh Jau I said well he busy right now he said he busy doing what I said he would Puff they in the room they busy they don’t want to be bothered Jean deal ended up confronting ja ru’s cousin and throwing him on the piano the commotion caused Diddy and Ja Rule to step out of

The room and guess what both of them were in their towels and threw them against the piano when I threw him into the piano puff and Ja runs out the room puff got his towel J grabbing his towel but they but the ne so was there a third person in the room or were these two added with each other honestly it’s the 21st century it’s understandable why Diddy wouldn’t want to come out in the ’90s the hip-hop culture was not as open-minded back then and a coming out

Moment would have probably made Diddy lose his street cred and marked the end of his career although things have only slightly improved in the industry the music scene is still Rife with homophobia that said in Diddy’s case the problem isn’t that he goes around sneaking with men for fans it’s the fact that he dangles Promises of Music deals in front of young artists only to sexually exploit them so when you get that’s that’s called the test off how

You make sure you breaking in call call the artist up here to the room tell them I’m going to have a meeting by my tub he be there by the tuub and stuff soaking and stuff but neck by all accounts Diddy has a long list of victims and people like 50 Cent intend to tell their story which is why word on the streets is that fif is working on a diddy documentary a spokesperson for Jackson’s production company gunit film and television

Confirmed the news to billboard apparently 50 plans to make a documentary about the essay allegations against Diddy and donate the proceeds from the film to the victims 50y even posted the news on his Instagram with the caption WTF at some point you got to just do the right thing and that’s all about the beef between 50 and Diddy fif unlike others who may shy away due to Diddy’s position in the industry has embrac the role of a vocal opponent and

So the recent slew of allegations has begun to chip away at the Foundation of Diddy’s Empire posing a substantial threat to his long-standing reign in the hipop realm given the current situation fif’s documentary might prove to be the nail in the coffin but the question lingers is Diddy truly on the brink of irreparable damage forced to witness the unraveling of the career he built only time holds the answer to whether did’s Empire will withstand the storm or

Succumb to the mounting challenges and controversies that now surround it until then folks keep it real and stay unapologetically rizle


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