While her physique resembles that of a bodybuilder, the girl’s backstory is filled with sorrow and heartbreak.

Armani has been diagnosed with lymphoma, a condition characterized by benign growths that increase the size of the chest and arms. His mother, Chelsey Milby, aged 33, endured a challenging pregnancy and childbirth journey. At 17 weeks pregnant, sonographers expressed concern about dangerous fluid buildup around the heart—a rare condition occurring in only 1 in 4,000 births. According to them, the baby was not expected to survive birth. Chelsey shared with the media: “When I learned about my child’s condition, I was very depressed and heartbroken, not understanding what was happening because I had previously given birth to two healthy babies. Every day, I ask God why.”

During Chelsey’s pregnancy, people often mistook her for carrying triplets due to her significantly enlarged belly. By 33 weeks pregnant, Chelsey’s weight had increased to 91kg, and her health deteriorated rapidly. The growing fetus made it difficult for her to breathe and sleep daily, even necessitating constant removal of fluid from her stomach. Doctors decided on emergency surgery to deliver the baby, despite mentioning the possibility of abortion. Chelsey remained steadfast in her decision, believing in the potential for miracles for her child.

Armani will undergo surgery later this year to remove excess lymph vessels, enabling him to lead a more normal life. Additional surgeries will be needed in the future to remove excess skin. Chelsey remains hopeful that her child will have a normal life.


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