30 Spot-On Reactions And Posts About What Went Down At The 2023 Academy Awards Ceremony

Lights, camera, action! Another Academy Awards ceremony has become history, but today we will not discuss cinema. After all, it is up to film critics to evaluate the merits and demerits of films, the subtle nuances of acting, and the brilliant work of camerapersons. To us, though, the most important aspect of the arts today is not cinema at all. It’s memes.

And as far as fresh memes and reactions from all over the world are concerned, here everything was okay at the 95th Oscars. No, of course, there were no such epic moments as a slap from Will Smith or the victory of La La Land (well, yes, of course, it was Moonlight), but there is still something to see and have fun with. In other words, the ceremony did its main job 100%.






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