Tech Scams You Might Get Involved Into

Tech scams are becoming more present now that everyone has access to technology. Here are some signs you might be in trouble.

Tech scams are becoming more present now that everyone has access to technology. Many hackers and scammers will try anything to ruin your things, be it your mood, devices, or bank account.

1. Phone battery is draining faster.

tech scams

Some malicious software can run in the background of your phone, causing your battery to drain faster. Unless your battery is dead and you need a new one, check your mobile for any unknown interference to prevent the misuse of personal or financial data.

2. An unknown person you are talking to online goes too far with compliments.


The virtual world has many people with hidden motives. Excessive compliments from unknown people are a red flag. They might even ask you for financial assistance, etc. While talking to people online, think carefully.

3. Employers or recruiters ask you to send money.

tech scams

Do not send money to someone who promises to keep or reserve your place at a new job. No legitimate employer or recruiter does that. Scammers will ask for payment regarding a job guarantee.

4. A landlord does not show you the house.


Some scammers try to sell themselves as landlords. They want to steal your money. The so-called landlord will not show you the house. They will only send you pics, then ask for a deposit. Run!

5. Your phone interface is different.

tech scams


If the official brand has not made any changes in their software update, you might be in trouble if your phone interface has changed. Many hackers will try to steal your data by changing your phone’s colors or symbols.

6. Your friend asks for money by message.


If you get messages from your friends or even unknown people asking for money because they are in trouble, do not. Many scammers try to steal your financial data through these messages.

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