Impressive Roofer Wows with Her Work

Watch in awe as an impressive roofer defies stereotypes with her flawless craftsmanship. See the stunning results for yourself!

Impressive roofer Priscilla Laruffer demonstrates that gender does not determine work quality. Despite being in a male-dominated field, she shares her work day on TikTok, inspiring others with her determination and skill.

At 24 years old, Priscilla juggles motherhood and works as a contractor and realtor.


Priscilla handles diverse roofing materials like tiles, slates, and flat roofs. She takes pride in fitting skylights and often showcases her hard work on social media.


“I haven’t got no handouts. So yes I stand proud of what I do & who I am because only I know the sweat and tears it has taken me.”


However, she also faces criticism for being too slow and glamorous for the job. One person complained: “It’s beautiful and everything, but more work for all of us who do repairs.”


“The slowest roofer in da business.” wrote another one.


The impressive roofer paid little attention to them, particularly the men.


She said: “When a man earns money he feels that he wants more women but when women earn money she feels that he does not need a man.”


One of her videos has gone viral and amassed over 1.8 million views.


She consistently receives praise for her hard work. According to one comment: “For me she is a hard worker and the truth is that in these times I think women complain less at work than men and they do it with love.”


Another commenter added: “A beautiful female putting in that work what can we say other than much respect.”

People even asked Priscilla if they could work with her.


“Can I work with you tomorrow dang but I don’t have any tools?” asked someone.

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