Eccentric Designs Made At ‘Rough’ Times

Creating new items and implementing them into the world might be challenging. Especially when the designs are eccentric.

Eccentric designs might be interesting to look at in an exhibition. However, implementing and using them in the real world might be challenging.

These designs are eccentric, weird, and tasteless, I might say! I do not know if the designers were having rough times when they came up with these ideas, but… Even though some items are catchy, using them daily is not so welcome.

Viral Strange has collected 14 eccentric designs made at ‘rough’ times.

1. Useless


2. My friend’s shoes blend in with the rocks

eccentric designs
© adognamedwalter / Reddit

3. Eccentric


4. Barbie choker


5. Choose your dress wisely cos I’m confused right now

© unknown / Imgur

6. Weird designs be like:

eccentric designs
© sfwresearchmaterial / Imgur

7. Who let the dogs out?


8. This ramen joint in Japan has legit 12 types of toilet paper…

© herotwin / Imgur

9. Time for a toilet break


10. Big mouth


11. Cute toes


12. I got a new shower curtain. My girlfriend went to the bathroom and screamed loud enough to have the neighbors knock on my door.

eccentric designs
© MrBanana6261 / Imgur

13. Uhm?

© Rayw / Pikabu

14. Four flannels stitched into one flannel

eccentric designs
© CapybaraFriedRice / Reddit

Which one is the weirdest? Would you buy any of them? If yes, which item? Tell us in the comments below.






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