Chicken Skin: How To Keep It Under Control

Chicken skin is a condition affecting the arms and thighs. The bumps on the skin look like a plucked chicken, hence the name.

Chicken skin is a condition affecting the arms and thighs. The bumps on the skin look like a plucked chicken, hence the name. This condition is called keratosis pilaris. It is not harmless or contagious.

1. Consume foods rich in fatty acids.

chicken skin

By eliminating healthy fats, you can trigger certain skin conditions. When you do not consume enough fats, your body does not have sufficient fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6, which are fatty acids. This will make the bumps more visible.

What to do: Consume foods rich in fatty acids, such as pasture-raised eggs or wild fish.

2. Do not use harsh body scrubs.

Exfoliation helps smooth the chicken skin. However, harsh body scrubs will do the opposite. They will irritate the skin and make it worse.

What to do: Massage your skin with a loofah or pumice stone rather than irregular-shaped particles.

3. Hot showers do not help.

chicken skin

Hot showers will not cause chicken skin. However, they can contribute to worsening the condition because being in hot water for too long will remove the natural oils, leaving the skin dry.

What to do: Take short and warm baths. Shower every second day.

4. Do not eat much dairy.

Coffee is our savior, and milk with cream for many others. However, dairy products can trigger intolerance to a protein found in them. It will lead to acne, skin irritation, and keratosis pilaris.

What to do: Do not cut the dairy products forever, but you can eliminate them for at least 6 weeks.

5. Do not use fragranced soaps.

chicken skin


Artificial additives in good-smelling soaps can make the condition worse. They will clog your pores and lead to skin inflammation.

What to do: Use hypoallergenic skincare products for sensitive skin.

6. Stop wearing tight clothes.


Very tight clothes are not optimal for your overall health. They will also worsen the chicken skin rash.

What to do: Opt for loosey clothes and skin-friendly fabrics.

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